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Slip on ice, lower back pain, etc…

I have been experiencing pain in my lower back and slight numbness in my leg since I slipped on the ice last winter and landed on my rear end. What should be my first steps In checking out this problem?

    Posted 4 years ago


    There first step would be to do what you did – Check the internet! Or at least that is what most people do these days. Do some research online, speak with friends, and learn more about your condition.

    The problem is that this can be both good and bad.

    The internet, and even an answer forum like this, can be full of useful information. The problem is, without a medical education, a lot of the information can be misleading and can cause you to take unnecessary steps or worry about some rare disease that you don’t have.

    So what is my answer?

    Go ask the advice of a specialist in this area.

    A trauma or injury specialist chiropractor can certainly come up with the diagnosis for this problem. Since numbness is also an issue, chances are that a neurologist would be able to help as well. With an appropriate diagnosis, a person can get the help they need.

    Oftentimes, a person with symptoms like yours can get complete relief from only a small number of chiropractic visits. Many times the type of pain you describe comes from irritation in the area of the low back joints or sacroiliac (SI) joints that can cause the referred numbness that you describe. Also possible is disc irritation or injury that causes a pressure on the nerve as it exits the spine. Arthritis of the spine or degenerative disc disease can be aggravated and a person with this is susceptible to greater injury with less trauma. All of these things can be successfully evaluated and treated by a chiropractor.

    William J. O’Donnell, DC
    Chiropractic Physician

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